01 Hey guys!

So this is it …

… my very first blog post!

Since this is the first time I’m ever doing something like this, let me start by introducing myself. As you might have figured out, my name is Lea. I was born in the sunny tropical city of Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia 1998 and have spent most of my childhood here. While growing up, we were constantly traveling and moving, mostly from Germany to Malaysia or from Malaysia to Germany. Now I am 18 years old, just finished my Abitur (german, similar to A-levels), and am trying to figure my life out.

The reason I am doing this blog in english and not in german is because my English skills have slacken a bit bad since living here, or so I have been told.

Furthermore, I want to use this blog as an oppurtunity to share everything I can imagine might be fun to write and read, and also stuff that I just want to put out there. This might be thoughts and feelings in form of literature or poetry, book or make up reviews (and hauls ;)) but even travel blogs or just sharing fun experiences with you guys.

I love: Jesus, my Family & Friends, Luna and Snoopy (my rabbits), Music, Art, Literature, Travel, Parties, Nights out, Dancing, Books, Psychothriller and Bollywood Movies, Climbing, Fun times, Roadtrips, Instagram and Food of course!

So I hope that I’ve sparked your interest and am excited to see where this will lead to but for now, let me and with one of my favorite quotes:

“Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.”

Until the next time my friends, Toodles!!

xoxo Lea

Info about the image above: The pic you see there is actually only a few weeks old (Isn’t nature beautiful?), it was taken in Cala Ratjada, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, when my friends and I went for a holiday to celebrate our graduation.




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